Release Notes

Please refer to this FAQ section to update your solution to the latest version.

Rel-1.8 — September 27th, 2023


  • Creation of an installation script for the Contextual Agent (enabling the collection of contextual data in addition to network quality and latency measurements, such as GPS data, equipment type, or data from an MQTT bus)
  • Support for Kubernetes deployment for the Analyzer using Helm templates


  • Addition of “jitter” as a new quality indicator
  • Enhanced volatility calculation
  • Added a predictive dashed line for latency over the next 90 seconds
  • Updates to latency indicators (Application and Network)


  • Documentation for dashboards updated with more details on our indicators
  • Added documentation for using Helm templates for Kubernetes deployment
  • Documentation updated for installation on a Cradlepoint modem


  • Initiation of advanced security process integration to achieve Soc2 compliance

Rel-1.7 — July 13th, 2023


  • New multisite dashboard allowing you to compare latency, bandwidth and network stability of 2 or more sites (agents) on the same dashboard
  • New network topology dashboard displaying the main key results of the monitoring topologically


  • Added documentation to deploy an agent on a Cradlepoint E3000 modem
  • Added documentation to use a secure DNS instead of an IP address for your analyzer
  • Added new medium configuration for Analyzer
  • Added documentation to extract data from Kafka
  • Updated online documentation


  • Update of the Open Source components used in the Agent/Reflector/Analyzer


  • Creation of a script to extract data from Kafka

Rel-1.6 — March 24th, 2023

Mobile App

  • Improved UI/UX on several real-time dashboards
  • Added UDP protocol for latency measurement
  • Added HTTPS protocol for latency measurement
  • Added IPERF3 protocol for bandwidth measurement
  • Possibility to select your own Analyzer instance (instead of the default one)
  • Added licensing support for Pro version
  • Trial mode limit up to 3 minutes for usage without a valid license
  • Added possibility to scan a QRcode for the reflector and the license key
  • Added initial splash screen
  • Removed embedded charts as too hard to read
  • Add field to enter specific notes to be added to the latency heatmap


  • Added UDP protocol for latency measurement and to dashboards
  • Fixed bug with IPERF3 - sampling rate was wrongly interpreted
  • Fixed bug with IPERF3 - UDP result interpretation was incorrect


  • Added table of recent samples to detailed latency chart dashboard
  • Fixed network stability formula that was showing negative values


  • Updated online documentation

Rel-1.5 — January 2nd, 2023


  • Fixed bug that prevented iperf from testing bandwidth using UDP
  • Fixed stability issues
  • Changed ports to non-standard ones, thus avoiding potential collisions
  • TWAMP: restricted UDP ports to a range of 20 ports — configurable
  • Added possibility of turning of sampling by specifying -1 as sampling rate


  • Switched to using environment variables instead of configuration files
  • Switched to docker-compose and yml files for launching dockers


  • Improved layout and performance
  • Added network stability calculation (based on variability, events and drops)
  • Added display of drops on main dashboard and charts


  • Refined installation script for better user experience and stability
  • Wrapped analyzer's dockers wrapping dockers, thus reducing the amount of volumes to be mounted
  • Refactored DB field names and architecture for better consistency