This documentation explains how to install and operate Latence Technologies' real-time cloud analytics solution for cellular networks with a special focus on ultra-low latency connectivity.

Every millisecond counts!

Assumed hosting architecture

The picture below illustrates the assumed hosting architecture where 3 virtual machines are deployed:

  • The top-left hosts a QoS-agent docker
  • The top-right hosts a Reflector docker
  • The bottom-left hosts the dockers composing the analyzer system

Finally, the image at the bottom right shows an example of dashboard produced by grafana.

Note: A reflector can respond to multiple agents and an analyzer can receive data from multiple agents. It is important to make sure that each agent has its own agent ID (LTI_agent_id), so that the data are differenciated in the analyzer. It will be possible to display the data of every site by selecting the agent ID in grafana.

Hosting architecture

Main open-source components

Here is a table of the 5 main open source components that we are using.

Component Version Link
Grafana 10.0.1
InfluxDB 2.7.1
Kafka 3.4.1
Telegraf 1.26.3
Zookeeper 3.8.0